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Your Own Custom-Built + Fully-Managed Website and Email

I build your online home

Are you looking for a little corner of the internet to share your hobbies and passions from?

Have you always wanted a personal/family or small business website with your own email domain?

That is what I do.

Lythium builds custom websites for individuals and small businesses. Below are a few sample sites built and managed for individuals and organizations.

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Boutique Services

Custom Site

Custom built site/blog according to your design preferences.

Custom Email

Optional custom email domain for your website.
(3rd party fees apply.)

Fully Managed

Never worry about back ups, updates and security. Fully managed back-end, so you can focus on creating content for your site.

Personal Service

We work together to get your site up and running. I am easy to reach for any additions, issues or modifications you may need.

About Lythium


Lythium is a one-person boutique operation built out of a love of web development since the 1990s and the enjoyment of helping nice people make the web a more fun and interesting place.

I am located in Silicon Valley and provide services to local community organizations and individuals.



Do your provide additional services, like social media?

Very sorry that I do not provide additional services at this time beyond website and email management. Please consider other service providers for your SEO, Advertising and Social Media needs.

Can you build an E-commerce site?

Yes, I can build an e-commerce presence for you. This will entail additional 3rd party costs, as well.

How do I get in touch?

If I am taking new client inquiries, you can contact me using the Contact Form below. If the Contact Form below is unavailable, then I am currently full and not taking on new clients. Thank you so much for your interest.

How long does it take to get my site?

It generally takes about 2-3 weeks. During busy periods, I will work with you to see if my timing works out for you.

Will you manage a site I already have?

Possibly. Let me know, I will look it over and give you my thoughts.

Do I retain rights to everything?

Yes, you do. You retain rights and ownership to everything about your site. I can even assist in moving your site to another provider, if requested.

What's the process for a new site?

After our initial 30 min free consultation for a new website, I will send you a quote to begin work on your site. The quote would include: Initial Design/Build Fee ($300 and up), any Custom/Additional Features and the Monthly Fee: ($30 and up)

How would I be billed?

Website work will be invoiced and billed directly and is non-refundable. Additional services will be discussed, agreed and billed a la carte.

Monthly Billing is on a quarterly or annual basis (10% discount for annual billing). You can cancel the Monthly service anytime and a refund is available based on remaining unused months.

How much do you charge?

Fee Structure:

  • Free 30min Consultation: I offer a Free 30min Consultation to discuss and get an idea of your needs.
  • Design/Build Fee per Site: starts at $300 and up, depending on type of site(s) and if you want email services included.
  • Work Fee: I charge a market hourly rate (pro-rated) for any additional features that you may want to add or modify to your site.
  • Monthly Fee: Starts at $30/month and upwards for the first site. Additional small sites can be included for a small add-on fee starting at $15/addon site, unless it is as resource intensive as a new individual site. This fee varies depending on the type of site you are running, as well as growing resource usage over time. The fee covers hosting, comprehensive maintenance, domain renewal, security, SSL, backups, restores, upgrades and further maintenance. It also includes technology refreshes. (If new technology has come that makes a significant improvement to your site(s), I will bring your site up-to-date to the most suitable modern technology.)

  • 3rd Party Fees: Depending on your needs, we may need to utilize 3rd party services, such as email services. Those will be billed to you exactly as charged, with zero mark-up.

What if I need more?

After a period of time, you may want to make changes or add features to your site. After another free consultation to discuss, you will receive a Work Estimate. The quote would look something like:

- Maximum Hours Estimated: # of my work hours

- My Work Rate: Market Rate

- Max. Estimated Fee: $

- Actual Hours: #

- Actual Fee Due: $

If my work hours comes under the estimation, your bill will be reduced accordingly. If my work hours goes over, your bill remains the same. This allows you to always have an understanding of the upper limit of your cost.

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